R_Garcia is a multidisciplinary artist, producer, and performer known primarily for his involvement in the genesis of the American IDM (Intelligent Dance Music) movement. Garcia founded the Nophi Music Company in 1999, releasing experimental abstract music by artists like Machinedrum and Benn Jordan alongside his own solo & group projects.

In 2022, Garcia opened Tiny Music ATL, a DIY music venue and instrument shop catering to independent artists and musicians. Additionally, he currently serves as a co-head of MAGFest's Music Division and performs with the bands Smoochyface, Gorgeous Beast, and Eureka Failure.



Atlanta Music Guide

“The thing to like most about Resurgens, after the swelling with pride of discovering another gem subsides, is simply the outstanding complexity of the layers and variance among tracks”

Igloo Mag

With each new release R. is able to create distinctive sounds that defy genre norms. Ojo, is no exception to this—featuring drastic variations stylistically from track to track.


“Whether he’s releasing his own work under the r_garcia alias or putting out records by kindred spirits, the same enthusiasm and sense of purpose permeates everything he touches.”

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